More Historic Pictures from Joe Taylor

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Photos from bygone days stir up a peculiar fascination in many people. There is the yearning to learn where we came from in just about everyone. And some of us like to go back to a quieter time with a slower pace.

This edition of the Journal includes a couple of photos of the “good old days” that certainly were not laid back and easy going. There are two championship athletic teams featured, and they were certainly as competitive as local teams are today. And Joe Taylor threw in a historic mark in Coushatta’s history, the opening of our first movie theatre.

RRPJ-Pics First Picture Show-18Dec5

The short man in the middle is Walter Taylor and this is the first picture show in Coushatta (1929). It was located on Ringgold Avenue across from what later became the Paco theatre. It also included a cafe and the gentleman to his left is obviously the cook.

RRPJ-Pics 1953 Class B Champs-18Dec5

L to R Genie Hogsett, Johnny Beasley, Billy Huckbay, Charles Shaver, Sammy Lee, Roy Carroway, Glenn Morgan, Joe Dan Simpson, James Homer Miller, and Thomas Stephens. Team Coach was Truman Crawford.

RRPJ-Pics 1942 Track Champs-18Dec5

On the steps of the high school. 1st row Gahagan Holley and Orlean Jowers. 2nd row L to R Jack Layfield, J N Bailey, Don Dickson, Claudie R Adams, Robert Duke Wyche, and Ed Lester. 3rd row Coach Aubrey Ballard, Tunney Almond, Billy Townsend, Edwin Booth, and Principal Joe Bobbit.

RRPJ-Pics Dinner on the Grounds-18Dec5

Often heard the term and I’ve been to quite a few, but the food was always on a table. Not so in this 1884 picture of a church gathering in Coushatta. Wish I had more information. This comes from a Shreveport historical book and the LSUS archives.

So next time you are rummaging through granny’s attic and come across a box of old photographs, share them with everyone. Contact The Journal at 318-564-3609 or email

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