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RRPJ-Soap Box-18Oct26

The Journal gets on a soapbox only occasionally, however in the upcoming election the people of Red River Parish may be bamboozled by the last item on the ballot. It concerns fantasy sports betting. What’s that? What would a “yes” or “no” vote mean?

The issue is not technically a secret, however it is hidden at the bottom of a ballot on an election cycle that may have less than star-power attention getting races and issues. It is a tradition in this state (and others) to run something by the voters when they are not paying attention. It is done all the time with “tax renewals” and other items.

There is a website by the proponents of the matter. It gives the benefits in glowing terms and hints that it may be a new, valuable revenue stream for the state. And they add the Pied Piper argument that nearly every other state is doing it, so why not us? Remember the lottery?

I read that website and did not find out the answer to a couple of my questions. I would like to know who is behind this? Is it the fantasy sports companies? Who gets the money? Is there any certainty that the state would benefit? And would the citizens benefit?

With this article is a link to a website maintained by Public Affairs Research that explains the proposed constitutional amendments and this fantasy sports betting issue. They present both sides of the argument so the voters can make an informed decision.

The Journal is not taking a stand on this issue. I will stand on the side of voters having an opportunity to know what they are voting on. I read their stuff and PAR’s stuff. And I suggest you do the same.

Here is the link:

Click on Fantasy Sports Ballot Item. You may wish to go over the proposed constitutional amendments while you are there.

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