An Open Door Celebration

RRPJ-Open Door Celebration-18Oct26

By Joshua Loftin

Sunday was the 10th year anniversary of Open Door Fellowship. There was a special service that included a feast afterwards.

The service started with a welcome from the current pastor at Open Door, Bro. Steven McAbee. He stated, “Today we will look at our church’s past, present, and future.” He also mentioned that the first service of Open Door Fellowship was July 27, 2008. The church also took a look back at all the ministries that they participated in.

During the service, all the charter members of Open Door who were present stood for a moment of thanks and recognition from the whole church. Bro. Tom Smith, the first pastor of Open Door was present and took to the front of the pulpit to take a look back on remembrance of the past and the loved ones that had passed away over the years. Also, members of the church were invited to stand and give brief testimonies and memories very dear to their hearts.

Numerous worship songs were sung along with a solo by Juliana Handy, which got all of the church on their feet clapping. Later on in the service, the shofar was blown to signify a sacred occasion. Jeremiah McAbee was the one to blow the shofar. Bro. Steven said he felt that it should be his 4-year-old son to blow to signify “the many years ahead of Open Door”

The final words of the service was a prayer by Bro. Tom Smith. He gave thanks for this church and all the things that it has and will continue to do for this community.

Sunday Service for Open Door starts at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

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