MaeMae to Become a Ragin’ Cajun

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The first college commitment of the year from Red River Parish is Makayia “MaeMae” Hallmon. Everyone knows her as an outstanding basketball player who wears number 3 for the Red River Lady Bulldogs.

Thursday afternoon saw family, fellow basketball players and athletes and coaches gather in the school library. At about 2:00 pm Hallmon placed a phone call to Deacon Jones, assistant basketball coach at University of Louisiana Lafayette. Hallmon was almost overcome with emotion as she told Jones, “I’m gonna commit today!”

Jones said, “Welcome to the family baby! It’s a great day in Lafayette. We won’t let you down. We got your back.”

The room erupted with laughter and cheers. Hallmon wiped tears of joy from her eyes and read her prepared statement:

“First of all I want to thank God for getting me this far. This is something I always dreamed of! Always told my grandpa I wanted to have a lot of offers or a lot of coaches calling me.

“I used to watch Micaela Wilson in how she carried herself and how she did everything in basketball I wanted to do the same thing. I would say “One day that’s gone be me pop.” That’s one man I know that’s always had confidence in me if no one else did. I want to say thank you for that.

“I won’t say a name but I want to thank the man that told me a while back “I’ll never get an offer or I’ll never play for a college because I was uncoachable.“ I just want you to know that you pushed me to be better than I was that day.

“Thanks to my city, my AAU coaches and team, HeartWorkFamily, high school teammates & coaches, and my Real family and friends for staying behind me and supporting me. And with all of that being said I would like to announce that I am committing to the University of Louisiana Lafayette.”

Students made their guesses as to which school she would choose. There were 25 guesses for University of Louisiana Lafayette, 14 guessed NSU, and 3 said it would be UNO. The crowd got it right when Hallmon placed the phone call and verbally committed to the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Her coach Missy Antilley explained that today Hallmon made a verbal commitment. She will actually sign with the school in November. Antilley said, “I think she made a good decision. We are super proud of her.”

Hallmon was a leader of the Lady Bulldogs team last year that won district and went on to the state semi-finals. Coach Antilley said the Lady Dogs would be back in the hunt for a state championship this season.

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