At the Pole Gathering at Riverdale

RRPJ-RA at the Pole BOTTOM-18Sep28The student body of Riverdale Academy gathered in the gym for the “See You At The Pole” event. All students from first through twelfth grades attended. Riverdale’s celebration was held at 8:00 am.

Special guest speaker was Greg Hunt of Cowboy Life Ministry. Hunt is a Riverdale graduate. He recalled going to class “in that little red school building right back there.”

Hunt’s message to the students was “enjoy being a kid. You are special, like nobody else.” He spoke about bullying and other things children face today. “I just ran away, there was no such thing as the internet and cyber bullying,” he said. Hunt told the students they can “just turn it off” to get away from bullying online.

Hunt had a life-lesson for students. “The best thing to do is to fail,” Hunt said, “because every successful person has failed more times than they succeed. But just keep going and don’t believe that you are not good enough.” Hunt added, “God made you unique. Don’t let anyone keep you from being what God created you to be.”

Dr. Hunter Brown invited the students to come and gather around the flag posted in the center of the gym. Then he led in the singing of “Sanctuary” before closing with prayer.

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