Student Safety Improvements

RRPJ-School Safety Improvements TOP-18Aug17

Over the summer break several improvements were made to assure student safety. The most visible change is at Red River Elementary School.

Principal Shenell Deville explained the upgrades. She showed the new front entrance that was added in front of the existing doors. All parents and visitors will now come through this entrance. Deville said, “It’s all about safety. This year we are increasing safety for the children.”

The new entrance leads to the school office, where everyone will sign in. Deville explained that parents will no longer use the other entrance. It is reserved for bus loading and unloading and school staff. She said, “New, large signs are coming for the new front entrance to direct visitors to the school.”

Another safety improvement announced by Superintendent Alison Hughes at the School Board meeting this week is the addition of another Resource Officer to the high school and junior high campus. “There are now two at the campus which allows more policing on campus,” said Hughes.

Hughes recalled that the sheriff and city police conducted training at the high school building over the summer. The active shooter training (see the July 20th issue of the Journal) helped law enforcement prepare for an emergency situation.

Additionally the emergency procedures manual has been updated and radios are being installed in all school busses. Hughes said, “The goal is to never have a moment when we cannot get in touch with bus drivers.”

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