Scholars and Athletes Honored

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Riverdale Academy held their Awards Banquet on Thursday May 10th at Davis Springs Methodist Church. Outstanding Athletes and Scholars were celebrated during the evening. Many of the students excel in more than one area of academics or one or more sports. Some excel in both.

Some of the academic areas of excellence highlighted included students achieving a 4.0 GPA. Those scoring a 20+ on their ACT were presented awards. Academic recognition included members of Beta Club, Student Council and Literary Rally participants and qualifiers for state.

Honor Roll students, those with a 4.0 are Adam Bryant, Georgia Dowden, Brennan Edie, Madelynne Greer, Jake LeGrande, Heidi Murray, Matthew Seales and Nicole Williams. The top three students receiving AR Awards were:
Third Place – Heidi Murray
Second Place – Witt Almond
First Place – Matthew Seales

Coaches of the many sports offered by Riverdale called their players to the stage and presented their awards. It was noted that the 2017-18 Rebel football team had a perfect record in district and went two rounds deep in the playoffs. Both the girls and boys basketball teams won their State A tournaments to claim the title of State Champs.

Riverdale’s progress in other sports such as baseball, softball, track, and golf were noted and celebrated. This was the first year for Riverdale to have a Tennis team. Brandon Gay was given the award as Founder and Captain of the Tennis team.

The evening concluded with the presentation of the AJ Sigler Award. Principal Jamie Lawrence told the gathering, “This is the most prestigious award we present. AJ Sigler was the first Principal of Riverdale Academy. He believed successful academics and successful athletics were the basis on which Riverdale Academy was founded.”

Lawrence announced the winners of the Sigler Award. She said, “The award for the most outstanding girl goes to someone we remember for her dependability in both athletics and academics. Her parents, grandparents and brother are here as I present this award to Madelynne Greer.”

Of the male winner, Lawrence said, “He is both athletic and he is funny. Welcome his parents and brother and sister as I present the award to Kamden Messick.”

There were other special presentations to coaches with state championship team pictures presented to the boys and girls team coaches. Then members of both teams and their coaches filled the stage holding their State Champion banners for team pictures.

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