The Turkeys Have Arrived

RRPJ-Turkeys TOP-17Nov15


Turkeys, cases of turkeys, and everything else you could want for your Thanksgiving meal have arrived at Rivertown Market. The Journal was able to take a sneak-peak at the preparations necessary to feed our parish a fantastic holiday meal.

Before the sun thought about getting up an over-stuffed 18-wheeler left far southeast Louisiana headed our way. And just as the sun was beginning to break through the dark it pulled into the loading dock.

It was all-hands-on-deck as the Rivertown staff rolled the huge pallets of food and supplies off the truck and into the back of the store. Then the staff has to break the pallets down and re-stock the store shelves.

They have pallets of cooking oil. Red River residents fry a lot of turkeys, and probably lots of fish, fries and other delicious goodies. There were cases of bananas, cornbread mix, all varieties of fresh produce, and several pallets of milk and dairy products and on and on.

So when you are shopping think a little while about what goes into putting those products on the shelf for your selection. It is quite a process, as The Journal found out Tuesday morning.

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