RRPJ-Moving Day-17Mar31
Thursday was moving day for the parish voting machines. All 32 machines were loaded up at the old warehouse on US 71 South and moved to the new warehouse beside Dairy Queen on US 71 North.

The machines were unloaded and rolled into the new, more spacious warehouse by Election Technician John Perkins and Toby Trichel. Perkins is employed by the Secretary of State and Trechel works for Trichel Enterprises, a bonded moving company.

The move is mostly complete. Perkins said he will maintain the office in the old warehouse until telephone and internet service is installed in the new facility.

The warehouse is maintained by the Louisiana Secretary of State, the agency overseeing elections in the state. Perkins said “there are 32 voting machines in the warehouse. Eighteen machines are used on election day, with the rest of them for back up. “

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