Most Damage Cleared Following Train-Truck Collision

In the aftermath of a collision between a train and frac sand truck Sunday morning, most of the debris had been cleaned up by Tuesday.  Remaining at the scene were heavily damaged railroad signaling equipment and a pile of white sand.  

That wreck on Sunday morning closed the Riverfront Road intersection.  The train cars did not clear the La 1 crossing at the gin south of Armistead.  The result was that La 1 was closed most of Sunday from Armistead to Lake End.  Motorists were routed around via US 371 to I-49 to La 149 and back to La 1 at Lake End.

The trailer of the truck had become hung up on the railroad crossing off La 1 at Riverfront Road.  That is a steep crossing and large trucks cannot negotiate it.  Area resident Virginia Webb told The Journal, ”I’ve had to flag down several trucks that were headed to that intersection.  The drivers said their GPS sent them down Riverfront Road.”

There were no injuries in this crash.  The driver of the truck saw the train coming and jumped from his vehicle to safety. The impact destroyed the railroad signal lights that alert motorists to a train’s presence.  The train did not derail.

A similar accident happened at the same intersection in November 2017.

A water transport truck had become hung up at the same railroad crossing.  The train destroyed the trailer and the signaling equipment.  There was no derailment and no injuries.

Water trucks were involved in two other derailments on La 1 since that time.  In both, the water trucks were struck crossing the tracks.  One was in north Red River parish and the other in south Caddo Parish.  Both caused considerable damage to multiple train cars and both blocked La 1 for a while.

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