The Clean-Up

Under stormy skies with intermittent heavy rain showers on Tuesday, the residents of Hall Summit worked to clear up the mess left by a storm that blew through on Monday afternoon.  There are trees down everywhere, taking with them power lines.

The Journal surveyed the area and noticed many buildings or homes had suffered damage.  Highway 514 in and out of town had been cleared of downed trees.  Utility crews were erecting new poles and working to replace downed power lines.  Electricity was still out Thursday morning to much of the area.

Cash Corner convenience store had electricity and was open serving breakfast and lunch.  Inside the pleasant aroma of bacon frying for BLT sandwiches filled the air.  They had fuel and utility trucks could be seen filling up.  So were several individuals, some topping off gas cans.  The Dollar General was closed and dark.

Most residents along US 371 suffered some type of damage.  Several said there were trees down in their yards or across homes and out buildings.  Pat Patterson said his house miraculously was undamaged.  He said there was high wind and a tornado that twisted the top and several large limbs off a big oak behind his house.  Other trees on his property were uprooted or broken.  And Patterson said they got hail from pea size to quarter sized pieces.

Patterson said he had no warning that the storm was coming.  He said there was nothing on TV about it.  The Journal did find a warning for an area including Hall Summit that had been posted by the National Weather Service in Shreveport before the storm hit.  That warning was due to expire Monday at 5:00 pm, 30 minutes after the storm struck.

Around Hall Summit neighbors turned out to help clear the damage and make repairs.  The Journal noticed that despite a hard rain Tuesday morning people were rigging tarps where roofs had been damaged.  The sound of chain saws and workers filled the residential areas along LA 514.  There were many large trees uprooted.  Those blocking the road on Monday had been cleared by Tuesday.

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