Moving Begins When Classes End

RRPJ-Moving Beging-18Feb16


The welding program offered by Red River High School is moving at the end of the school year. Maintenance Supervisor David Beard briefed the school board’s Building and Grounds Committee this month on initial plans for classroom relocation in anticipation of new facility construction beginning in the near future.

Beard said, “We are moving the welding program to the old Vo Tech facility. I have talked with the Mayor about permission to use the building.” Committee Chairman Gary Giddens said, “We will update the Air Conditioning and Heating systems in that building to accommodate the welding program. The wood working shop will be moved to the old Vo Tech as well.

At present there are temporary buildings located west of the Junior High building that house the 6th grade classrooms. Beard told the committee they will “move the portable buildings to the tennis courts, behind the cafeteria, for use over the next few years. We are submitting plans to the Fire Marshall on that. We will begin moving the day school is out.”

Once the temporary buildings are relocated, and the welding and wood shop classes move, their present buildings will be demolished. Plans are being made to build new facilities on the high school campus for the 6th grade academy and all vocational courses offered.

The improvements will be funded by the sale of bonds authorized by the recent bond election. Also at this months school board meeting the board’s bond attorneys presented a motion to finalize sale of those bonds. The details are mostly in place for the bonds to be sold and the money deposited into the school’s account on March 6th. The board will realize $23,137,776.00 from the sale of those bonds.


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