Red River 4-H Clover Talk

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Here is the latest news of the 4-H program offered to schools in the parish. Thanks to Terry Foster of the LSU Ag Center for the story.

Red River 4-H has been very busy getting “Up to the Challenge” to encourage youth to strive for overall health and well-being, including physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity thru a series of monthly lessons at 4-H club meetings. Flexibility is Fabulous was to learn about stretching for overall fitness and health and to learn about Yoga activities. Get in the Movement Groove to explore benefits of exercise, identify why exercise/physical activity is important, share activities with friends/families, understand the 3 types of physical activity, learn about warm-up/cool-down, cooperative physical activity.

In the Beat- The Heartbeat we learned to understand the difference between aerobic and non-aerobic activities, calculate heart rate before, during, & after exercise, participate in warm-up/aerobic/cool-down activities. Muscle Mania– Move It or Lose It we learned to understand the relationship between strong bones, muscles and exercise, warm-up activity, strengthening activity, cool down activity.

Do You See What I See? We recognize people come in all shapes & sizes, understand people of different weights & sizes can be healthy, learn people can be too thin or too heavy for good health, culture and family can be an important determinant for size, understand that images we see in magazines, movies and TV are not always healthy.

The Truth about Vitamins, Steroids & Supplements we will learn that muscles are best developed by exercise & good nutrition, understand that we get all vitamins and minerals needed from a healthy diet.




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