Creation Celebration

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Saturday was the day for food and great singing at Social Springs Baptist Church. Bro. James Hester’s congregation cooked, served and enjoyed. The Allen Family entertained and inspired.

The evening kicked off with a delicious buffet meal of mostly wild game dishes. This list will make you hungry anytime. They served deer steak and smoked backstrap. There was venison in mushroom gravy, deer chili (made extra spicy by Bro James), sauce piquant, smoked sausage and much more including a huge iron pot full of jambalaya. The desert offerings were equally impressive including Dutch oven cobbler, pecan pie cake and chocolate pie among other treats.

People from throughout this area brought their families to enjoy the meal. They crowded the church fellowship hall and conversations ranged from family histories, to tales of long ago, to kids and grandkids and their adventures today.

After grazing for an hour or so, about all one could do was enjoy a fabulous musical presentation by the Allen Family. This family lives in a huge motor home and their ministry is traveling the country putting on concerts. The father, Todd told The Journal they will be traveling in the west during the holidays presenting their new Christmas concert.

In his opening remarks, Bro Hester said they named the evening a Creation Celebration “because everything here had been created by God and was used for the purpose for which it was created!”

The Allen Family took the stage, all eight of them. Father Todd and Mother Michelle lead a program that included everyone. Their children ranged in age from 22 to 12. They sang of hope and praise and worship. Songs were old and new and each one of them was given a fresh interpretation by the Allens.

After the performance, the Journal spoke with Todd Allen. He said, “We have been on the road 21 years in a motor home. I always had a desire to travel and sing. God called me to evangelism, so we as a family hit the road for our concert-type of ministry.” His wife, Michelle said, “I always wanted to be a missionary in Africa. In 2012 the door was opened and our family began an orphanage in Uganda.”

The Journal observed a great meal and fantastic musical performance. Also the Allens seem sincere in their calling and are all very talented musicians. And there are very down to earth folks anyone could talk with. The youngest, Christian at 12 years of age held his own in the family quartet singing the high range to his older brother’s deep base part. Shortly before the big meal at 5:30 Christian was running and playing in the yard with the boys from the church. Older brother Zachariah was talking with people in the fellowship hall. Other family members were chatting and exchanging stories. But at 7:00 it was show time. They were dressed in their Sunday best with polished shoes and voices in tune. When the music started they took their place, the audience quieted, and the concert began.

Michelle Allen summed up their life on the road, the concerts, the missionary work in Uganda with the simple phrase, “We’re living our dream!”

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