Early Release for Some in Red River Jail

RRPJ-Early Release-17Nov3


The effort to reduce the statistic showing Louisiana has a high percentage of its population behind bars resulted in over 1900 offenders being turned loose at the first of November. The Journal asked the Red River Sheriff’s Office how this effected the local jail.

Lieutenant Troy Murray told the Journal, “Five of the twenty-five Department of Corrections (DOC) inmates who we were being housed in the Red River Parish Jail had the times being served on their sentences shortened. The sentences themselves were not reduced. Three of them were released on November 1st. The remaining two will be released later this month.”

Statewide the time served reduction program resulted in about 1,900 inmates being set free this week. The Department of Public Safety and Corrections workers are going through 17,000 records by hand to determine which prisoners are eligible for the early release program.

This measure was passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor John Bel Edwards. It was part of a reform package that aimed to reduce the state’s high incarceration rate.

According to The Daily Caller… State legislators hope the new policies will cut the prison population by 10 percent over the next decade, saving the state at least $78 million, though some estimate the savings to reach as much as $250 million.
Of the 1,927 inmates, 429 were already slated to be released in November and almost half would have been released before 2018. More than 100 inmates had sentences stretching well into 2019 and 2020. State Corrections Secretary James LeBlanc said the inmates are leaving two months ahead of schedule on average.

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