Revival at First Baptist Church

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The fall revival concluded Wednesday night at First Baptist in Coushatta. The sanctuary was nearly packed and those The Journal talked with said attendance had been good all week.

Wednesday’s speaker was Bro. Leland Crawford of First Baptist in Minden. Music Director for the services was Bro. Todd DuBose. He brought his family and many members of the Minden First Baptist choir. Their performance was outstanding.

Music of this great resounding choir filled the sanctuary with worship and praise songs. The congregation joined in on some selections and they gave generous applause to every song performed the choir. The music was dynamic, moving, uplifting and refreshing. It was a performance to be remembered.

Bro. Crawford said the choir was a tough act to follow as he described himself as “an obnoxious Texan living in Louisiana. I had Louisiana roots and growing up in Texas we always rooted for LSU.”

The message was based upon Matthew 23. Crawford said, “Jesus was talking about nit picky church members. Those who major in minor things.” He denounced the church today, “We’re being picky while the world is burning. That’s why people don’t come.”

“You’re not looking at the things that are important,” said Crawford, “Put the emphasis in the right place.” Bro. Crawford brought his message to a close telling the church “Don’t neglect the weightier matters: Justice, Mercy and Faithfulness. Be concerned with building relationships with the lost members of the local community.”

First Baptist Pastor, Dr. Nathan Davis concluded the revival series proclaiming it had been a great revival series. “We heard amazing singing and preaching. The Lord is good. He blesses us so much. We want to see God working across this state and our nation. Thank you for a wonderful week.”

Title of the revival series was Through the “Pulpit to the Pew.” Speakers in addition to Bro. Crawford and Dr. Davis were Dr. Eddie Wren, Dr. Adam Dooley, and Dr. Denny Autrey.

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