They Are Awaiting Orders

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Task Force Coushatta is awaiting further orders. And lending a helping hand to a local business. Orders to deploy are expected at any time.

The commander of Charlie Troop, 108th Cav is Captain Chad Ford. He says they are in “standby” mode. The soldiers spent Wednesday at Red Oak Lake in south Red River Parish. Captain Ford said they took their inflatable boats to the lake to practice. “We wanted to give each of our boat crews an opportunity to operate the craft, load and unload, and drive the Humvee,” added Ford.

Housekeeping duties are included in the days work. Ford said, “While some of the men were doing laundry at the washeteria on the south side of Coushatta the heavy rains came. And the building began to flood. The men grabbed mops and brooms and swept the water out.” Ford added, “The washeteria owner told him he would not be able to open today (Thursday) if the soldiers had not jumped in to help.”

(An Editorial thought) The Journal recognizes the sacrifice members of the Guard make to serve the public in time of need. If you see someone in uniform in town, give a word of thanks to a soldier.

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