A Thank You Celebration

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Red River Industries said “Thank You” to the first responders of Red River Parish. They held an open house and reception for our EMS, Fire, Police, Sheriffs Deputies and other first responders.

Eletha Seabaugh is Executive Director of Red River Industries. She told The Journal that this was their second annual Appreciation Day. Seabaugh said, “We do this because we want to recognize the hard work and responsibility they take on to take care of the people in the parish.”

“Last year was really big” said Seabaugh. She added, “It is a good way for our clients to gain respect for authority. Learning not to be afraid of police and firemen is a good learning experience for them.”

Red River Industries was established in 1976. Seabaugh has been with the agency since 1984. She said they began with two clients in 1974. Red River Industries has grown to serve about 30 clients today.

One of the services of Red River Industries is baking delicious cakes and cookies. So it was only fitting that the staff gather behind the counter loaded with their sweet sensations. From the left they are Nancy Taylor, Tonya Long, Diane Petersen, Raina Dalme, Debra Tyler (in the white uniform), Teal Lowring, Beverly Dalme, Eletha Seabaugh, and Dennis Perkins.

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