School Closures

RRPJ-School Closure-17Sep1


Effects of Tropical Storm Harvey moving through our area have forced schools to close this week. Both public schools and Riverdale Academy suspended classes due to the weather.

The decision on calling off classes for Friday was made by noon on Thursday. Schools already had a holiday scheduled Monday for Labor Day. So the next class day in the parish will be Tuesday, September 5th.

Also in question are football games scheduled Friday night. Red River High has postponed this week’s game. Head Coach John Bachman said due to the weather they will play Lincoln Preparatory school on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm. As of late Thursday the location has not been determined, however Bachman said it will be on a field with turf in the Grambling-Ruston area.

Riverdale is scheduled to travel to Unity Christian tonight. No word yet if that game will be played or not.

Days lost due to the storm may have to be made up by reducing scheduled breaks. Also there is some flexibility built into the school calendar in anticipation of weather or other closures.

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