Assistance Available for Prescription Cost



There is a program available to senior citizens of Red River Parish to help with the cost of prescription medications. It is Senior Rx, offered through the Red River Parish Council on Aging by the Caddo Council on Aging.

The Journal spoke with Bridget Lyman, Center Manager of the Caddo COA. Lyman says Senior Rx is designed to help people get prescriptions that they cannot afford. Lyman said, “This is especially needed for people who are in a coverage gap.” And Lyman added, “We can also help people pay their co-pay, which could be up to 40 percent of the cost of their medication.”

Another feature of the Senior Rx program, said Lyman, is “we help them get connected with drug manufacturers’ own drug assistance programs. We help them complete the applications and get the approved through the drug manufacturers.”

Our goal, added Lyman “is to help make sure senior citizens get and have the medications they need. And we help them fill in where they need help.”

More information on the Senior Rx program, including qualifying and signing up for benefits, can be obtained at the Red River Council on Aging or from the Caddo council’s website

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