Town Council Member Arrested

RRPJ-Arrest Nash-17Aug4

According to the weekly arrest report from the sheriff’s office, Brian Nash of Coushatta was arrested July 28th by Louisiana State Police. Nash is a member of the Town Council. He was booked into the Red River Parish Jail on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $1,000. Nash posted bond on July 29th.

Details of the arrest are not available.

3 thoughts on “Town Council Member Arrested

  1. Hummm, let’s see if I can do this in a respectful manner. First of all, he was not the only one in the car OR even driving. And from a resource of R. R. P. D. it was a roach (I’m sure I don’t have to explain to most of you what that is).
    An as far a paraphernalia goes, it was a small GRINDER! Let’s not forget the fact that the poor guy just lost his dad and has had health problems that, hummmm I don’t know, maybe a little weed helps.
    The point is that if this was Colorado this wouldn’t even be a charge AND people around this small ‘one horse town’ treat him like a first class homeless crack head. And as much as he has helped this community and town, all gone in one incident , just to show you how people are around here. All the bratty students reposting the article, things like that, what a bunch of back stabbers.
    Anyway “PAM” thanks for pointing that out in your comment (cold hearted snake). And I can’t help but seeing the same betrail happening to this other poor clueless soul “Chris Haire” who just got employee of the month, after EIGHT YEARS of free service? GIVE ME A BREAK. People just keep getting used around here. Anyway, always two sides to every story, thank you for posting (I will be shocked if this even gets posted).

    • Oh your right Pam, we did forget, funny how that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POLICE REPORT! But your such a good citizen for pointing that out.
      Anything else you would like to add while you have the floor? Hummm, maybe like how many kids he has been there for or funded. Can’t think of nothing positive? I’ll wait.

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