New Athletic Website for the Bulldogs

RRPJ-Web Page-17Aug4


More information about Red River High School Athletics will be available this year on a new addition to the school’s website. This year athletes will be able to register and take care of all paperwork on their phone or computer.

Athletic Director Billy Henry, Jr. said the site is a part of the school board’s site. Henry says to navigate to the new page by going to the school board site, then following the links to Red River High School and the Athletics link.

Football practice is underway. Physical exams for athletes in all sports all school year were offered at the Field House earlier this week. Athletes are already registering via the new web page.

For parents and athletes the registration process is simplified. For school officials their record-keeping burden is made lighter. Henry said “Now everything will be done online. Parents can create an account for their athlete and link it to other children participating in other sports in the same family.” Henry added “things like birth certificates and insurance cards can be submitted on line by just taking a picture of the document with their cell phone.”

Henry also noted that the school’s athletic department has a new Facebook page. It is “RRPPS Athletics” and it is now up and running.

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