Rubber Ducky Baby Shower at Health Unit

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Just about every kid knows “Rubber Ducky you’re the one!” The Red River Parish Health Unit has adopted the Rubber Ducky as the logo for Baby Shower on August 11th.

Health Unit Nursing Supervisor Yashica Turner said the emphasis in August is on World Breastfeeding and National Breastfeeding months. Turned said, “The number of mothers choosing to breastfeed are low in this area. But it is good to give baby 100% breast mild for the first six months.”

Turner advocates no formula for baby. The Journal asked “Why?” Turner said, “Formula isn’t natural. It takes the place of mom’s milk. Feed 100% mom’s milk for the first six months and then introduce baby to some fruits and vegetables.” Turner added “Medical research shows that mothers milk changes as the baby’s needs change.”

The Baby Shower will be held at 1:00 pm on Friday August 11th at the health unit on Red Oak Road. There will be information on breastfeeding, nutrition, other health education issues, games, prizes and snacks. Call the health unit at 318-932-4087 for additional information. This event is free and open to the public.

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