ETC…for July 7th


A couple of public meetings you may be interested in The Red River Parish School Board has its monthly meeting scheduled for 6:30 Monday, July 10th. They will meet at the school board office. And Town Council meets Tuesday at 5:30 pm. They will meet at town hall.

Monday July 10th is the Food for Seniors box distribution at the Council on Aging. Distribution begins at 8:30 am and runs until 11:00. If you are not signed up for the food box distribution and think you meet the eligibility guidelines, call the Council on Aging at 318-932-9572.

Here is a question from reader Anita Taylor:
“I was wondering if you could find out when they going to get some parking at City Hall, it is very hard on our elderly people to walk from behind the building and sometimes there is no parking. Please help!!!”  Anita, Town Council meets Tuesday evening at 5:30. You may come and ask the council yourself since it is an open meeting. Don’t be late so you can sign up to ask your question.

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