Fly the Flag, Celebrate Freedom, and Grill a Burger

RRPJ-Fly Flag TOP-17Jul5

There were flags flying from businesses and homes during the Fourth of July holiday celebrations. The Courthouse proudly displayed many around the grounds. Some families brought their flags to Grand Bayou to display during their celebrations.

At Grand Bayou Resort the Journal was met by Bertha Giddings and Linda Pickett, working the gate as people streamed into the park. They said they were expecting a capacity crowd. Both ladies have been employed at the park for about two years.

There was a large family reunion at the big hall. At the beach the pavilions were packed with families celebrating. The Journal talked with Eric and Jennifer Breedlove and their daughter Madison from Coushatta. They live in Red River Parish and have built their home on Eric’s grandfather’s place.

A little further along we found the Braxton family from Natchitoches. They were attracted to the beach and other great facilities offered by Grand Bayou. Everyone was excited to get in the picture, then it is on to burgers, dogs and I believe grilled chicken. It doesn’t show in the picture but there was a big ripe watermelon beside the table, ready to become desert.

The Journal also talked with the Hill family. They are from Stonewall with some family members having roots here in Coushatta. In addition to the holiday celebration, July Fourth is a special day for Tanner Hill. He was born on the fourth. That’s Tanner in the center with the blue check swim trunk.

Photos at the bottom:
(1) Brenda Giddings and Linda Pickett in the gate house; (2) the Breedlove family with camera shy daughter Madison; (3) the Braxton family from Natchitoches; and (4) the Hill family; and (5) the whole crowd enjoying the water and the beach.

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