Progress on Generators for Essential Services

RRPJ-Pox Jury-17Jul5

At Monday night’s meeting, the Red River Parish Police Jury received a progress report on providing the power to keep essential community services functioning in times of electrical outages. Shane Hubbard of the parish Office of Emergency Preparedness has been gathering information at the request of the jury.

Hubbard reported several options are under study to provide standby power to the parish Highway Barn including generators now owned by the jury. Hubbard said, “There are two electrical services going into the building. No matter which way we go we will be combining those two into one electric service.” The quote for combining the two services into one was $1,600.

The quote for using a 480-volt generator the jury owns was $9,459. That includes the transfer box to put the generator online and equipment to step down the voltage to 120 volts. The quote for hooking up a 120-volt generator the parish has was $1,979.

Members of the jury discussed the need to pay the higher price tag for installing the 480 volt generator the parish owns, or alternately purchasing generators for the power need for each facility they would provide backup power for. The discussion included selling the more powerful generator to help fund purchase of the smaller units.

Road Superintendent Larry Hughes said the 480-volt generator “is overkill. It’s too high capacity for what is needed.” Jury President Shawn Beard suggested selling the large generator since the parish really does not need a generator with that large capacity.

The parish is exploring ways to provide backup power to the Office Of Emergency Preparedness and helping the Town of Coushatta power water wells and processing facilities in electrical outage situations.

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