CP-Tel Delivering Broadband Internet to the Coushatta Community



The Journal has been keeping an eye on the progress of CP-Tel’s broadband project. First they made it to Keys Convenience Store, then they made it up to Highway 480, then they reached the Country Market, and on and on.

Here is the latest update from Richard Gill, the President and CEO of CP-Tel:

CP-Tel construction crews have been very busy installing fiber optic cables which will transport high-speed internet, telephone, and cable TV services to business and residential customers in Coushatta.

Richard Gill, CEO of CP-Tel, said, “The project is in high gear after several weather delays, and LADOTD highway-permit issues. CP-Tel has been interested in serving the Coushatta area for several years, but was unable to make it a priority until a significant number of Coushatta businesses approached me. These owners communicated the need for a broadband internet service provider that would be responsive to the community.”

CP-Tel currently serves Natchitoches, Sabine, and Desoto Parishes. Further reason to build in Coushatta was the need to have fiber connectivity between Campti and Desoto Parish – allowing CP-Tel to continue upgrading existing customers in Campti, Sabine Parish, and Desoto Parish. The fiber route through Coushatta will also protect against fiber cuts for the entire CP-Tel network.

The first customers to partake of the new fiber service in Coushatta will be the Red River Parish School Board, local governments, and downtown businesses. CP-Tel can offer 1 Gigabit (1,000 Megabits) bandwidth for internet services within the Coushatta fiber network. Construction crews may take several more months to complete access for residential areas, based on population density.

For more information on any CP-Tel service, please call 318-352-0006. 

Richard Gill

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