Steven McAbee Returns


Open Door Fellowship’s congregation voted Sunday unanimously to invite Steven McAbee to become their head pastor. July 2nd will be his first Sunday.

McAbee is now in Magnolia, Arkansas and is in the process of relocating to the Coushatta area. He pastored Fairview Baptist Church from 2001 to 2006.

The Journal asked McAbee why he applied to Open Door. His reply “I got 2 or 3 phone calls from people here (in Red River Parish) asking me to apply. More than anything, I was open to the idea, open to see how God would lead.”

McAbee was asked to describe his approach to ministry. He said, “There are three main points: (1) Teach people to have a passion for loving God. (2) Teach people to learn to love each other. (3) And learn to have a passion for serving others.”

Open Door Fellowship is located on Esparanza Road. They welcome you to join them on July 2nd as they welcome Steven McAbee as their new head pastor.

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