By Billy Davis


On Sunday June 4, seven exhausted, weary, worn and excited Honduras Mission Team members joyously shared from their experiences in Guaimaca and Trojes, Honduras – May 19-June 3.

Stephanie Hinds, a registered nurse served the first week in Guaimaca , the location of BMDMI hospital. She served with 10 other medical professionals performing 14 surgeries along with 9 other consultations. she remained for the Village Week at Trojes. There she was joined by 62 other team members, including 11 medical professional and 6 other home church team members, Jackie Waters, Teresa Davis, Haylee Bates, Judy Davis, Billy Davis and new-comer, Christina Brown.

Recap of both weeks:
Total team members: 103
Total no. of professionals: 23
Medical patients seen: 1922
Prescriptions filled: 8,893
Dental patients seen: 338
Extractions: 475
Cleaned: 130
Reader Glasses distributed: 350
Sunglasses: 600
Bibles and New Testaments delivered: 1090
New Believer books (mainly for group classes): 100
No. of homes visited: 306
Beans and rice: 1600 lbs. each
Photo ministry (some never had photo taken): 720
Construction: Addition to clinic kitchen & put roof on church bldg. $1500 both projects
Shoes, clothes, dolls, health kits: hundreds
Weather: Unusually blessed, seldom above 80s if ever. Sooo nice.
Professions of faith: 344 recorded (God is keeping that record)

In addition to the Social Springs Baptist Church 7 (all looking to next May) there were several other Red River Parish church goers involved in both weeks. We all agree that we serve an AWESOME GOD whom you can’t out do or out give.

We want to acknowledge and thank everyone who helped fund us in any way. Especially do we thank and honor those who support us in prayer.

We appeal to any one who loves the LORD and feels called by Him to put your “YES” on the table before HIM. If HE wants you there, HE will work out the details. You don’t have to be Baptist but to be Christian is helpful.

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