Softball diamonds are my best friend

Isabella Stephens

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, every season is for playing ball. Many people think softball is only played during spring, but for someone like me who loves the sport, it can be played during all seasons. My name is Isabella Stephens. I am in 7th grade, and I’ve been playing softball since I was ten years old.

In the winter of 2022, I played softball for the first time on the Little Lady Rebels softball team. I played for the same team in the winter of 2023. Then, in the summer of 23, I played for the Natchitoches Savannah Bananas. To wrap up the year, I played fall ball for my school’s JV Lady Rebels softball team.

Summer and spring ball may seem alike, but they aren’t. Summer ball is so hectic with extreme heat, while spring ball is a cool, breezy season. It is tough to see during the summer. The sun shines right in your eyes! In my opinion, spring is a more enjoyable season to play softball.

Fall and winter softball have their differences, too. Fall ball may seem like a lukewarm temperature, but in all reality, it’s hot! People talk about hot, but no one knows hot unless you are sitting on a softball field during the hottest fall ever! I know it sounds crazy, but softball is very active. It takes a lot of work to do your best and tolerate the heat. Winter ball is the complete opposite. Although it is cooler, the pain of getting hit with a pitch is not as bearable. It is much less painful during fall ball. One time, during a winter softball practice, my team had to practice in the snow!

I love softball. I never skip practice for anything unless it’s medical or mandatory. I would say softball is even better than listening to Taylor Swift! Softball is like therapy for me. Now you know why softball diamonds are my best friend.