“Joe Boy Day” at RRCC huge success

Karen Taylor Squires

This week, while perusing Facebook, I came across a post from my old principal, Jerry Salley. In my high school days, this man could scare the mortar from between bricks. I can honestly say he and I had a couple of run-ins during my time in school. Later in life, I had the privilege to work with Coach Salley in a different capacity. I saw his passion for working with youth and knew his deep love for all things roping.

In his post, he glories at the successful completion of “Joe Boy Day” at Red River Cowboy Church. This amazing event is a yearly reminder of the grace of health granted to Mr. Joe Baxter. There were 500 teams this year, and the event extended well into the night.

Among the accolades, he includes two local ranchers who have donated and supported the arena ministry, Mr. Bobby Chamberlin and Mr. Rayburn Smith. Their donations and those of others like them have allowed RRCC to provide therapeutic riding for children with disabilities, riding and roping lessons, and the rodeo bible camp for the Crow Tribe in Montana. The story of the rodeo bible camp is one that everyone should hear.

Coach Salley (I am not sure if I have ever called him anything else) pours out his message of hope, trust in the Lord, and the power of prayer in his short post. I am not sure if he realizes how profoundly these words affect those of us who read them. The man who could have every person quaking in the gym truly has a heart of gold.