Fire Board Votes to Hire Part-Time Chief

Advertising for a new part-time Fire Chief has begun.  The Red River Fire Board voted on May 11th to approve advertising to fill the position.  Applicants may submit their applications through June 30th.

The move was facilitated by the Fire Department Civil Service Board eliminating the positions of Fire Chief, Assistant Chief and Secretary to the Fire Chief.  Here is The Journal’s report on that meeting:

The Fire Board is now able to hire a chief that would not be under civil service.  They decided recently to hire a part-time Chief to save salary.  This is part of the board’s efforts to bring expenses back in line with available revenues.

The job description and qualifications were adopted by the board.  Discussion centered around retirement for the person hired.  More research will be done into requirements for paying into the firefighters retirement system for the person hired.  Also discussed was potential impact on the retirement payments of a retired firefighter if one is hired for Chief in Red River.

The board voted to go forward with advertising to fill the position.  Applicants must submit their applications by June 30th.  The board hopes to get their questions answered before the June board meeting.