Civil Service Board Eliminates Fire Chief Position

Several positions in the Red River Fire Department have been eliminated from civil service at the request of the Fire Department Board.  The regular meeting of the Fire Civil Service Board was held Monday morning at the fire station.

There was a public hearing on the proposal to eliminate the civil service positions of Chief, Assistant Chief, and Secretary to the Fire Chief.  Member Marcus Cox presided at the meeting.  He brief the board on the fire department’s dire financial situation, and the need to conserve funds.  That is the reason the Fire Department Board had requested those positions be removed from civil service.

Board member Brad Merry said, “What the previous fire chief was making and other positions we could not afford to continue as those pay scales.  We will have a part time Chief on salary for less than half of what the previous fire chief was making.”

During discussion, it was explained that the department would have a chief.  With the position no longer under civil service, the fire board could write the job description and decide upon pay and benefits to fit within the budget.  It was also stated that at present the fire board did not plan to hire an assistant chief or secretary.

The newest member of the Civil Service Board is Mark Garrett.  He was recently appointed by the Fire Department Board.  During the meeting new board officers were appointed.  Marcus Cox will be the Chairman and Mark Garrett the Secretary.

Member Brad Merry told the board he will resign from both the Fire and Civil Service Boards.  He anticipates sale of his residence therefore he would no longer reside in the district.  That will make it necessary to appoint someone to fill those positions.  The Police Jury appoints members of the Fire Board.