Riverdale Classes Adopt 2021 Seniors

By Molly Seales

Last year during Covid quarantine, someone had the wonderful idea for each class at Riverdale to “Adopt a Senior” and have a school yard parade honoring the Class of 2020.  Both of these things were such fun times that we are trying to continue this and make it a yearly tradition. There are 14 seniors in the Riverdale Class of 2021, and each class from Pre-K through 11th grade has adopted a senior. Classes and the senior they had adopted are as follows:  Pre-K – Noah Wren; Kindergarten-Jake Wilhite; 1st Grade-Ronda Black; 2nd Grade-Tinley Ogden; 3rd Grade-Abby Jones; 4th Grade-Matthew Seales; 5th Grade – Austin Giddens; 6th Grade-Witt Almond; 7th Grade (a really big class so they have 2 seniors)-Parker Almond and Pacey Lindsey; 8th Grade-Paul Messenger; 9th Grade-Brennan Edie; 10th Grade-Tylee Adams; and 11thGrade-Garrett Wilhite.

The classes have been giving their seniors gifts such as snack packages, Starbucks and other gift cards, and small gifts.  Each class is making its senior a poster to be displayed at the 2nd annual Senior Parade, which will be held in the parking lot of Riverdale on Friday, May7, which is the last day of high school for the seniors.  Last year, cars, trucks, trailers, and even motorcycles were decorated and drove through the parking lot with well wishes and gifts for the seniors.  The parade will line up on the road on the south end of the school parking lot and will follow the direction of daily drop off and pick up at students. Vehicles will begin moving through the parking lot promptly at 6:00 p.m. and everyone is welcome to join us and help celebrate our seniors!

Congratulations to this year’s Mr. Riverdale, Parker Almond, and Miss Riverdale, Pacey Lindsey.  These seniors were selected by the high school student body.  Congratulations also to Abby Jones and Matthew Seales, this year’s Senior Hall of Fame recipients.  Senior Hall of Fame is voted on by faculty and staff. Riverdale graduation will be held on Thursday, May 13, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. in the Riverdale gymnasium. We are proud of all of our seniors!

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