Big Boom Rocks Red River Parish

Windows rattled and the ground shook Saturday evening.  That lead to people throughout the area asking, “What was that?”  Reports of the shock came in from Hall Summit, Martin, Coushatta and throughout the parish.

Sheriff Glen Edwards told The Journal, Someone shot a large amount of Tannerite.  It is some type of explosive used in shooting targets.  When used correctly, it creates a small explosion when impacted with a bullet.  When used in larger quantities, you get what everyone heard and felt.”

The incident occurred at a private residence on the Esperanza Road just east of Army Road.  Sheriff Edwards said, “They used at least four times what is directed.  There were no injuries on unintended property damage.”  He added, “This was not an accident.  They purposely used too much to get a bigger bang!”

The manufacturer, on their website, described Tannerite As:

Safe and Legal: Tannerite® Brand targets are specifically designed to be safe and only initiated by a centerfire rifle. Only Tannerite® holds a valid patent on Binary Exploding Rifle Targets. We have spent many years perfecting our product. This product must be used as instructed. Follow the directions!