Antilley Coaches All-Star Game

Red River High congratulated Girls Basketball Coach Missy Antilley on her team’s victory in the state All Star game.  Antilley was selected as coach of the team.  Her daughter, Kaitlyn was selected as a player.  The school said, “Great job by Coach Antilley and Kaitlyn Antilley.  And the West All Stars winning.”  The West team beat the East team 79-66.

After the games, Todd Martinez posted, “Lots of really good people came together in the midst of a pandemic to put on a great event for our student athletes.  Was so good to have the all-star game again after Covid cancelled last year’s game.  

“Special thanks to Lhsbcanow, Adam Coleman, Dexter Washington, Christopher Kovatch, Todd Russ, Chris Beckman, Vickie Sketoe, Coach Sykes, Coach West, Coach Green, Lyndzee Greene McConathy, Butch Stockton, Kris Goff, LGR Staff and many more.  Thanks to Coach Mason and all of Louisiana College staff for hosting the event.  It is incredible to see what can be accomplished when, what is in the best interest of kids is the ultimate goal.  Well done everyone. Congratulations to all the 2021 athletes on putting on a great show.”

The Journal congratulates Missy Antilley on a successful career coaching the Lady Bulldogs.  And on her many career selections as “Coach of the Year” and coach of various all-star teams.  What a way to end a career with a win in this year’s East-West All-Star Game.