ACT Boot Camp at Riverdale

ACT Bootcamp is specifically designed to help students increase scores while reducing stress and anxiety on test day. At Riverdale Academy, we currently have an average ACT score of 22 among college bound students. Recently our high-school students were offered an ACT prep class in order to help them prepare for future ACT testing. 

An ACT score over 20 qualifies Louisiana students for TOPS scholarship and higher scores can get more scholarships. For those looking out of state, a 1 to 3 point increase in score can make a huge impact on the merit scholarship offers from colleges and universities. 

When our students were asked what their personal goals were with their ACT scores, many said they wanted to increase their current scores by 2 to 5 points. Bootcamps like this one can provide them with the tools and preparation to do just that. We get excited right alongside our students as we watch them excel and begin to achieve the goals they have set for themselves!

Posted by Riverdale Academy