January 4-H News

By Jacque Fontenot, Red River 4-H Agent

Important dates for 4-H this month are Jan 4 Homeschool/Public School Evening  Club (K-6) 5:30, Jan 8 Homeschool/Public School Daytime  Club (K-6) 5:30, Jan 11Furr-H Club (K-12) 5:30, Jan 18 Culinary Day camp 9-12, 4-H Chefs Club 5:30, Jan 21 Junior Leader Mtg. 5:30, Jan 29 NW District Livestock Show

New Year! Smarter Choices! Culinary Class, Monday, Jan. 18th, from 9-12 at the 4-H Office.  Learn cooking skills and kitchen safety while making lunch that covers all parts of MyPlate!    Call 932-4342 to sign up.  Only 10 spots available.

NW District Livestock show will be held at the State Fair barn January 29-30.

Canned food drive:  Send in canned goods or other non-perishables that contain fruits, vegetables, or any edible part of a plant. We will be sending to the nearest food pantry.  Collection Places:  4-H office, RRES (McCoy’s classroom), RRJH (Lacaze’s classroom), RRHS (Danzy’s classroom), Riverdale (main hallway)

Project Books will be passed out this month during club meetings for 4th-12th grade.  They can also be picked up from the 4-H office.  4th and 5th will receive an Intro to 4-H book and grades 6 and up may choose what topic they’d like.  These workbooks are part of the record books that students turn in to the state record book contest this summer.  Students compete in cash prizes or win trips.  The record book is a great way to keep up with all that the students do in 4-H throughout the year and helps them learn skills used to fill out job and scholarship applications.  

Upcoming Junior Leader Events:  

  1. January Meeting is the 21st at 5:30 at the 4-H office.
  2. Challenge Camp-February 26th at the OWL center in Dubach for 7-8th graders.
  3. Coop Conference-March 25-26 at Camp Hardtner in Pollock for 9-12th graders.
  4. Junior Leader Conference-March 11th in Shreveport for 7-12th graders.

Important Dates for Graduating Senior 4-H members: Honor Cord Deadline-January 29th, Scholarship applications Deadline-March 1

Shooting Sports-Shooting sports participants are selling $10 raffle tickets for the 4-H Shoot4Youth event in February at Los Palomas.  There are at least 10 prizes so you have 10 chances to win!  The shooting sports program gets back 100% of the money.  This money helps pay for t-shirts, equipment, and entry fees for the regional competition.  See a shooting sports member or call the 4-H office to purchase a ticket.  Shooting sports practice will be held every Sunday at 2:00 unless it is raining.  Regionals are the week of March 1-7.  State is the week of April 13-18 in South Louisiana.