Students of Year

Student of the Year – Red River High School

Every year high schools must choose a senior to be named Student of the Year from their school. This year we nominated 3 amazing, talented, and beautiful young women to represent Red River High School at the district selection process. Each one of these ladies would be a great SOY representative for Red River High School. The three ladies that were nominated are listed below as they are pictured: Elizabeth Hughes, Kaitlyn Antilley, and Chloe Pickett. Each nominee had great test scores, grades, community service, and an amazing interview during the selection process. RRHS would like to thank all 3 of them for the time they put in preparing for SYO and everything they have done to make RRHS a better school. The District committee has chosen its winner for the 2020-2021 school year and RRHS is proud to announce Elizabeth Hughes this year’s winner. Congratulations Elizabeth and we wish you luck on the regional selection process.

Student of the Year – Red River Junior High

Student of the year Rafe Suggs was revealed on social media by his mother, Christy Suggs.  She posted, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce you to the 2021 8th grade Student of the Year for Red River Parish Schools! He made me wait a few days before I could make it official.  Super proud parents and Grandparents. We love you Rafe Rebel Suggs!

Student of Year-Red River Elementary School

Red River Elementary student of the year is 5th grader Mary Alana Morse.  She is an outstanding student. She has a 3.9 GPA. She is easy to get along with and is well-liked among her peers. She is helpful, hardworking, and works well with others. She has a good work ethic and pushes herself daily. She excels in her subjects and is a model student. She does things the DAWG way! (Add what the DAWG way stands for.) We are proud of her and knows that her future is bright!!

Her 4th grade teacher, Crystal Briggs said, “I had the privilege of teaching Laynie (Mary) in 4th grade. She is a very  hardworking and  dedicated student.  She is determined to always do her best. She is a very caring and self-motivated student. I cannot wait to see what her future holds.