Former Police Jury President Honored

By Hayley Loe

The Red River Parish Police Jury got together at 6:00 pm last Tuesday at the York Chop to honor Mr. Shawn Beard for 9 years of service to our parish. Beard has been a wonderful member of the community who has been known to always do his best to help others.  At the end of the evening, Beard was presented with a plaque and a resolution for his service by Police Jury Superintendent Jessie Davis.

Along with presenting the plaque Davis spoke on behalf of the police jury, “I know the Police Jury feels the same as I do when I say if you need anything, call us and we will be there for you. We appreciate you.  It takes an extra special person to serve the public and do all that we do.”.

Police Juror William Brown also spoke out during the evening, “It has been more than a delight to be your friend for as long as we have. You keep your head together and keep doing what you are doing and you’ll know you are headed in the right direction.”

Beard ended the night with, “I know the police jury will continue to push on for the parish. We’ve made some progress but you’ll never get through. We made a lot of good things happen over the years and put a lot of things into motion. I keep everyone of y’all in my prayers, and hope y’all continue to make good things happen for this parish.”