Early Voting Began Friday

By Hayley Loe

Early voting in Coushatta started Friday, October 16th, giving the residents in Red River Parish a chance to have their vote counted. Many people showed up to the polls at the old fire station.  During their wait, the journal got to ask a few voters why they decided on early voting instead of waiting to vote in person or mailing in their ballots.

Mrs. Brenda Auburn said, “I thought many people would come out and vote today.  I came out to do early voting because there is no guarantee that we’ll be here November 3rd, and I don’t trust the mail in ballots.”

Mr. Olsen Lewis commented,  “I work later in the year and I wanted to go ahead and get ahead of everything.  I don’t trust the mail in ballots.” 

Another voter said that she chose early voting so she wouldn’t have to be in a crowd during the pandemic.

Early voting will continue to run through October 27.  After that date, voters will have to mail in their ballots or wait until November 3rd to cast their votes in person.  No matter which method is chosen,  just be sure to VOTE.