Audit Reveals Payroll Fraud

An employee of the Ware Youth Center has been arrested and charged with payroll fraud.  Details of the incident are included in the audit of the center for the fiscal year that ended June 30th, 2020.

Shift Supervisor Roosevelt Rodney was arrested by Bossier Parish authorities and is awaiting a court hearing, according to the audit.  The Bossier Sheriff’s office is still investigating the matter.  The audit reported, “A former employee of the Ware Youth Center was paid for work not performed.  The individual received payroll checks of approximately $12,210 of work claimed over an eight period.  The individual was arrested by the Bossier Police Department; however, the court hearing has not occurred as of the date of the auditor’s report.”

The audit said “A shift supervisor was paid for hours that were fraudulently reported.  The amount was $12,210.  The investigation is ongoing.”  The audit reported Ware Youth Center internal controls did not allow the detection of the fraud or misappropriation in a timely manner.  Steps to remedy the situation were suggested.

Ware management responded, “The situation occurred due to a long-term vacancy in one shift manager’s position which resulted in one employee being allowed to cover multiple, consecutive shifts.  Since the practice of the individual employee was discovered, Ware Youth Center has instructed all Program Managers to check time clock entries for situations where employees clocked in for consecutive shifts.  They are to determine the necessity of the employee and to verify actual presence on a shift via cameras.”

The portion of the audit detailing the fraud, auditor recommendations, and management’s response is reproduced below.  So is a link to the complete audit for anyone wishing to see it.  The audit and audits of all Red River Parish public offices are on file at the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s at