Drive-Up Church Debuts

This COVID-19 virus has caused local churches to become innovative.  They are exploring new ways of delivering their message to their flocks on Sunday.

A first in the parish was New Life Church in Hall Summit.  Bro. Colin Wimberly invited his members to come to the Walking Track and park in front of their building.  Everyone rolled down their car windows to listen to Christian music performed by Seth Wimberly and Bro. Colin’s message broadcast via a loudspeaker.

First Baptist and Open Door Fellowship have instituted multiple services on Sunday with members attending the service designated by the first letter of their last name.  Others like Fairview Baptist Church and First Methodist/Wesley Chapel Churches have taken to streaming their service, or a modified service on Facebook.

Churches already streaming live continued the practice and are encouraging their faithful to make an extra effort to “tune in.”

The important thing to note that during a time when we are asked to stay home or at least gather only in small groups and keep six feet between each other, our churches still get the word out.

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