A Special Easter Project

The Confirmation Class at First United Methodist Church is learning a lesson in helping and sharing.  They are making Easter Lilies for residents at Green Meadow Haven.

There are three confirmands under the guidance of Susan Simpson.  Kyleigh Antilley is a seventh grader and Bryn Danzy and Tyler Hughes are in the eighth grade.  Susan said, “These young people in our church have reached the age where they can make a profession of faith into Christ’s Church and become members of the Methodist Church.”

“Notice they are practicing safety,” said Simpson.  She added, “They are wearing gloves and practicing safe distance.”

On Tuesday they were gluing the leaves on the lilies.  There is just a little more to do to have them completed.  Simpson said, “I hope they will be ready to deliver on Thursday.  We are making 103 lilies, one for each resident at Green Meadow Haven.”

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