GMH Got Talent!

The afternoon featured talented performers, judges, comments and cake and ice cream.  It was Green Meadow Haven’s Got Talent at the local nursing home.

First there was the cake and ice cream.  The last Friday of each month is the birthday celebration for all residents having a birthday.  Seven residents celebrated in January, and did they celebrate!  The cake and ice cream was furnished by East Point Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Then it was on with the show.  First up was Jesse Bass.  He played his electric guitar and sang Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy.  The crowd loved it.

Next up was Dean Ward, the man dressed in black with his hat and guitar.  Ward did a rendition of Hank William’s Cold Cold Heart.

A total of eight acts performed including Lottie Young and Debra Robinson singing Delta Dawn.   Evelyn Wimberly voiced The Love of God and Shirley Clinton sang and did the motions to Father Abraham.  Steve Marie recalled childhood memories singing When Daddy Let Me Drive.

The show concluded with two stand-up comics.  Well they were sit-down comics who called themselves the Kings of Comedy.  Ronnie Gathright and Davin Ray got many a laugh with their stories, some of which were definitely attuned to the adult audience in the room.

The judges scratched their heads, ran replays in their heads, and came up with the winners.  Top Musical Act was Jesse Bass.  And the Kings of Comedy won for comedy and originality.

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