Vacant Martin School Sold

The Red River School Board has accepted a bid to purchase the no-longer-used Martin School.  The abandoned school building and gymnasium sits on 14.9 acres of property.  The board on January 13th accepted the bid from Rex Lawson of $45,000.00 for the property.

The school had not been used since schools in the parish were consolidated in 2002.  It had fallen into disrepair in the two decades since.  Late last year the school board decided to offer the property for bids.  See The Journal issue of October 11, 2019 for that story.

Finance Director David Jones told the board that the property had been advertised for bids at the appraised value and there were no bidders.  He said it was re-advertised at less than appraisal and one bid, from Lawson, was received.

The board then voted to accept Lawson’s bid and get their attorney to draw up the act of sale.

Lawson told The Journal, “I always wanted to own an old school, even when I was a kid I wanted one.”  Lawson added, “Me and my family went to school there.  When it came up, I bid on it.”

What are his plans?  Lawson said, “I plan to put a wide band sawmill on the old tennis courts.  The high school building roof and second floor have fallen in.  I want to rebuild the second floor and put a greenhouse up there.”  And Lawson said he has plans to fix up the old gym to make it a facility to hold parties and community gatherings.

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