December Students of the Month

The Students of the Month were introduced to the Red River Parish School Board at the January meeting.  Superintendent Alison Hughes read their nomination statements submitted by their teachers.

The Red River Elementary student is Alex McDonald.  Her nomination read, “Alex is an outstanding student.  She is helpful to others and is easy to get along with.  She has a good work ethic and pushes herself every day.  Alex excels in her subjects and is a model student.”

Avery Thomley was chosen from Red River Junior High.  Her nomination read, “Avery is a devoted 8th grader who is a joy to have in the classroom.  Her welcoming smile and positive energy certainly make her a delight to teach.  Avery always puts forward her best effort, making sure that she completes her assigned lessons and stays on task.  Not only does she keep herself on task, but she is also always making sure that those around her are succeeding as well.  Watching her help others succeed is a vital part of the joy that comes from teaching Avery.  Her determination to do her absolute best is evident in everything she does.  The hard work that is put forth in the classroom every day makes her an easy choice for student of the month.”

Red River High’s December Student of the Month was Jolene Jones.  Her nomination read, “Jolene is a freshman at RRHS.  She is a model student and works very hard on assignments.  Jolene makes sure she gets an understanding of solving problems before moving on.  She also works well with others.”

And Christian Miles was selected Student of the Month at Red River Academic Academy was Christian Miles.  He was nominated by Intha Fields. “Christian is one of the most genuinely nice young men I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching.  He is polite to everyone and never meets a stranger.  After overcoming his own self-doubt, he has been stoppable.  He has improved, and continues to improve in every subject.  His hard work and self-motivation is such a good example for others.  His positive personality influences all of his classmates, including me.  He does have a super power that I’m quite jealous of, though.  He has the ability to diffuse any conflict, and makes those involved totally forget they were having a disagreement to begin with.  I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have a sweet, hardworking student like Christian.  There is no doubt he makes the world a better place.

Student of the Month is sponsored by VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287.  Each student is presented a certificate and gift card from the Coushatta Dairy Queen.

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