See You At the Pole

High schools in the parish held prayer service observances At The Pole on Wednesday, September 25th.  Red River was at 7:15 am around the flag pole in front of the high school before school began.  The observance at Riverdale was at 8:30 am and was held in the school gym.  Both observances were student lead.

The theme for observances nationwide this year is 2 Chronicles 7:14.  In both services, students and speakers urged a return to the Lord by the people.  Red River student Justin Johnson said, “Acknowledge God on campus.  It always has been.  No matter where you’re going acknowledge God and have faith.  He’s brought me this far, what would you expect? You gotta have faith.”

Red River students sang several songs.  They lead the gathering in the pledge of allegiance to the US flag.  A similar singing and pledge occurred at Riverdale Academy.

At Riverdale Academy, the student body assembled in the gym.  Members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes sat up front and FCA members conducted the program.  Dr. Hunter Brown shared his story and offered others the opportunity to give their testimony.

Bro. James Hester of Social Springs Baptist Church was the featured speaker.  Hester said, “I grew up thinking Heaven was for good people and Hell was for bad.  You just have to be in the top 50% percent of good kids.”  Hester recalled his story of coming to Christ at age 16, “I realized we are all God’s created, but we are not all God’s children.  We have to be born again.”

At Red River the theme was about leading every coach and other person into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  On campuses nationwide we are building a faith based community to see Christ glorified.

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