Saw You At the Pole

After two very successful “See You At the Pole” observances at both high schools in the parish, the focus shifted to Open Door Fellowship last Wednesday evening.  Youth Pastor JP Handy brought several youth groups from various churches in the parish together for a worship service.

Handy said, “Saw You At the Pole is not as well known nationally as See You At the Pole.  It is a follow-up to observances at school.  We will have a good time and we will have a great worship experience.”  Handy added, “It was an associational event.  Other churches helped including Spring Hill, Martin, Fairview and First Coushatta Baptist Churches.”

The evening began with games and challenges for members of the audience.  The Journal got a couple of pics showing motion and fun.  The games moved into Christian music from the band on stage and the youth gathered there.

Worship time was led by Warren Jackson, founder of Clear Camps Ministries.  Jackson said, “I watch the See You At the Pole grow into more and more schools.  After all every school has a flagpole.  It is still growing.

Warren pointed to promises in scripture, “If man does, God will.”  The point he made was, “He did it first.  He created.  We messed up.”  Addressing the young people Warren encouraged them to stand up, “What if? Do you think the cost is too high?  There is a lot of pressure put on teenagers.  If you fail, it pushes you to get up and try again.  What if tonight you changed your whole relationships to include Jesus?  I pray for healing in Coushatta and Red River Parish.  Whit if you are the one to begin in?

Warren concluded the service with the song What a Wonderful Name It Is.  JP Handy took the stage to thank all for coming.  He said, “We had 109 young people here tonight.  That is the most we’ve had for one of these services.”

A Journal comment:  “If you see no hope for the future generation, then you should see the youth who assembled last Wednesday night.  They represented all schools in the parish.  They were as diverse a group as our local population.  They demonstrated that they have hope for the future and they expressed it in their worship.”

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