Head Start Off and Running

On Monday the girls arrived. On Tuesday the boys arrived.  And by the end of this week there will be 99 students in the new Head Start program at Red River Elementary School.

Head Start Director Christy Suggs reported to the School Board on Monday night, “We’re up and running and all personnel are in place.  We’re setting up the policy council to meet each month, there will be monthly parent meetings and we are currently conducting home visits with parents.”

Suggs added, “The curriculum is going well.  It is one that the teachers will enjoy.  We have most of the equipment for the program in place except for some playground equipment that we ordered.”

There are still a few vacancies.  Suggs said they have spots for 10 to 12 students left to be filled. Superintendent Alison Hughes commended the Head Start staff.  “It has been an unbelievable thing to get off the ground,” she said, adding “Everyone played a role and had to go above and beyond to get it started.  I appreciate all of their hard work.”

Final board approval of the Head Start application was given at a special called board meeting on August 29th.  Also at that meeting the personnel for Head Start were approved for the 2020 fiscal year. At the Meeting Monday night, the board approved a $1,600,000 budget addition for the Head Start program, as part of approving the overall 2020 budget.

Red River took over the Head Start Program this year under a five-year grant.  The program had been previously run by Pine Belt Multi-Purpose Agency in their location across form Springville Education Center.

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